Former Female Guard Files Lawsuit Over Alleged Sexual Harassment by Supervisor


Santa Clara, CA.- Sarah Gonzalez, a former Security Guard for Security Industry Specialists, Inc. (“SIS”), is claiming that she faced sexual harassment, then retaliation after declining her supervisor’s sexual advances. In her complaint filed on March 24, 2021, Ms. Gonzalez claims she was sexually harassed by her supervisor, Anton Tayag (“Tayag”).

In the lawsuit, Ms. Gonzalez states that Tayag would inquire as to whether Ms. Gonzalez’s current partner was satisfying her and the names of Ms. Gonzalez’s numerous social media handles. Further, Tayag would send Ms. Gonzalez inappropriate photos and “memes” through Snapchat and Instagram, she claims, including one photo of a woman posing in four different sex positions with the caption “Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert.” Tayag then asked Ms. Gonzalez after sending this photo, “Which one are you?” the lawsuit alleges.

As time went on, Tayag’s comments to Ms. Gonzalez became more explicit, the lawsuit claims. Once, he asked Ms. Gonzalez if she had ever been in a “red room” – a sexual torture room. Tayag also stated he would “smash” (have sexual relations with) Ms. Gonzalez if she ever had red hair and constantly made reference to “dragging” Ms. Gonzalez into his bed, the suit claims. Tayag went even further by stating that Ms. Gonzalez was likely the kind of woman who could “pop Plan B like skittles,” she claims.

Ms. Gonzalez reported Tayag’s conduct to Tayag’s supervisor, Scott Prange (“Prange”), the lawsuit alleges. A few weeks later, Ms. Gonzalez was investigated for time-card fraud by the very individual to whom she had reported Tayag’s sexual harassment, she claims. Not wanting her reputation or work ethic disparaged by a retaliatory claim of fraud, Ms. Gonzalez felt that her only choice was to resign from her position with SIS, she alleges.

Ms. Gonzalez is represented by attorney Kyle Todd, Esq. of Kyle Todd, P.C. Requests for comment can be directed to attorney Todd.

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