Medford Tech Entrepreneur Jessica Gomez Announces Run for Governor


MEDFORD, OREGON.- Jessica Gomez today officially announced her candidacy to be the next Governor of Oregon. “It is time for Oregonians to work together to build a future in which we can all be proud. I firmly believe the strength of our state lies in our differences,” said Gomez.

Gomez believes that Oregon is overdue for a policy re-boot and will regain its footing through strategic planning and investing. “We’ve been through tough times, endured devastating wildfires, a global pandemic, and continuous rioting. It is easy to point fingers and complain about failed leadership, but that accomplishes nothing,” said Gomez. “The negative impact to our communities is painfully clear. What is crucial is that we make the best decisions moving forward.”

Gomez, a small business owner, believes Oregon’s recovery depends on creating an attractive business climate with more jobs and opportunities across the state. She wants to build strong regional economies, not pile on relentless taxes and regulations. Gomez will encourage targeted investments in broadband, water, and transportation infrastructure so both urban and rural communities can support growth in industries such as biotech, advanced manufacturing, value added agriculture and wood products.

To help attract more women into the workforce, Gomez said she would encourage employers to offer at-work childcare and classify employer-based childcare as a non-taxable benefit for both employer and employee. Gomez also wants to restructure Oregon’s social safety net so that participation in Oregon’s workforce is always financially rewarding.

Giving Oregon students greater opportunities to build academic skills is also of paramount importance to Gomez -- who despite not being able to read at age nine, ultimately went on to college and, at age 26, built the first state-of-the-art microchip manufacturing facility in Southern Oregon.

“Higher education, and especially community colleges, are underfunded in Oregon – this must change so skyrocketing tuition and student debt does not prevent all Oregonians from reaching their full potential.”

Gomez would push for implementation of a Universal College Credit Program where all college credits earned at any apprenticeship, community college or public university in Oregon can be transferred to any other Oregon university.

Gomez’s experiences as a homeless teen also taught her the complexities of unsheltered homelessness and unsafe streets. She says that law enforcement is essential to improving safety in all communities, and statewide training and education standards for law enforcement personnel must be implemented. The homelessness problem needs a comprehensive solution, funded by reallocating existing dollars toward a coordinated mental health - public safety infrastructure.

“Learning to survive, then striving, and finally thriving, is how I describe my personal journey. Oregon can again truly thrive with all of us striving together,” said Gomez.

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