Beaches of Todos Santos and La Paz remain closed


Due to different actions issued through the Municipal Health and Civil Protection Council, last Thursday, July 15, where the total closure of beaches was ratified, the General Direction of Public Safety (Police), in coordination with Civil Protection, will continue with the surveillance of the temporary closures of the beaches surrounding the city of La Paz, and those located in the municipal delegations that include Todos Santos and Pescadero.

For this reason, personnel from this department will maintain their presence, as well as constant patrols on beaches throughout the municipality, in order to protect and comply with the recommendations issued by the Municipal Health and Civil Protection Council, as well as operations will be carried out in the different neighborhoods, as well as commercial plazas and the boardwalk area, in coordination with other government corporations, in order to maintain and follow up on these provisions.

It is extremely important to follow the indications, so we urge citizens and tourists to avoid going to the beaches, or places where there is a concentration of people, and to continue with the relevant sanitary measures such as the healthy distance, the correct use of masks, and the constant washing of hands, this as a strategy to not continue to increase the number of infections by Covid 19.

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