GOOD NEWS: Mexico's Cleanest Beaches in Los Cabos!


This week, two pieces of very good news for Los Cabos have been released. The first is that coronavirus infections have dropped significantly, so the health alert system goes from 5 to 4, which is an important step forward.

The other news is that 22 beaches in the municipality received the renewal of the "Blue Flag" award, which means that Los Cabos now has the cleanest coasts not only in Mexico, but also in the American continent.

This was announced yesterday at Playa Palmilla, where Mayor Armida Castro and a representative of the Foundation for Environmental Education in Mexico were present.

The Los Cabos Beaches Maintenance Office (ZOFEMAT) explained that there are 33 criteria that must be met in order to obtain such an important award, such as the elimination of macro and micro residual waste in the places that have been certified.

The "Blue Flag" award is given to tourist destinations that have excellent environmental management and education, safety, services and water quality on their coasts.


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