Hotel in Los Cabos disappears!


The Solaz Los Cabos Hotel has abruptly shuttered its doors.

The hotel is reportedly experiencing “infrastructure” troubles, which has forced it to cease accepting reservations entirely. This is expected to take the entirety of 2021 and 2022, and possibly beyond. 

Surprisingly, the hotel appears to have vanished into thin air, at least virtually, during the weekend.

For one thing, Marriott's Solaz page no longer shows the hotel as being bookable for any date in the future. 

That may lead you to conclude the hotel is leaving Marriott, yet even the hotel's non-Marriott website was down (though it has since been restored).

Maintaining the hotel's own website would seem to be more crucial than ever if the hotel were to leave Marriott. 

Here’s what a Marriott spokesperson tells me happened to the property:

The hotel has been closed due to unanticipated work that needs to be done throughout the entire 30+ acre complex and to enable that work to efficiently proceed. Our guests have been relocated to other luxury hotels in the Marriott portfolio located in Los Cabos.  

As always, our number one priority and primary focus is our associates and guests. The Solaz is still part of our portfolio, but we are currently not taking reservations for future dates and are reaching out directly to guests with existing reservations to assist with rebooking. 

A few thoughts:

  1. Whatever these issues are, clearly they’re major, given that the property is expected to be shut down completely for well over a year
  2. Given the complexity of these kinds of real estate projects, I can’t help but wonder if this property might run into some financial issues, given the extent of work that seems to be required
  3. There had been rumors that emergency inspections were performed on hotels following the Surfside building collapse, but it’s anyone’s guess if that’s true or not (though the timeline adds up).

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