PANDEMIC: Cases in Los Cabos & La Paz on the decline!


In a session of the State Health Security Committee, chaired by Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis, after analyzing the data regarding the behavior of Covid-19 in Baja California Sur during the last week, it was approved that, from July 14 to 21, the entire mid-peninsula will remain at level 5 Critical of the New Health Alert System.

Regarding the follow-up given to the pandemic in the five counties, it was highlighted that Los Cabos registered a slight decrease of cases, while La Paz maintains a stabilization, but Comondú and Loreto show an increase.

"What has been predicted, that a plateau would be presented, finally in three weeks has already been so warned; and, this week's numbers have also confirmed it. Our virus reproduction rate continues to drop and this is the best news we can have to reduce the number of infections, hospitalized and intubated patients and, of course, the unfortunate deaths that have occurred", said the Governor of Baja California.

On the other hand, the Governor acknowledged that, even though levels are still high, in Los Cabos and La Paz there is a containment and, at least, a stabilization in the number of infections. "The good news is that we have achieved this containment in these two counties without affecting the economy in a major way".

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