Unruly Agency and Behave Agency Accused of Exploiting OnlyFans Model


LOS ANGELES.- Tauler Smith LLP, a Los Angeles-based law firm that represents clients in intellectual property and business fraud cases throughout the United States, recently filed a significant lawsuit against two talent agencies accused of acting as “modern day pimps” and exploiting an OnlyFans model.

The woman, identified as “Jane Doe” in order to protect her privacy, was an aspiring model who hired Defendants, Unruly Agency and Behave Agency, to help her earn an income marketing and selling content on OnlyFans, a subscription-based social media platform.

The complaint filed in the Los Angeles County Superior Court alleges that Defendants took advantage of Plaintiff by using “time-tested methods of coercion, control, humiliation, and abuse.” The lawsuit further alleges that Defendants are “a menace to the young women they claim to support,” and that the agencies are mistreating these up-and-coming models by violating their trust and exercising “complete control” over them.

The complaint raises a number of different legal claims, including fraud, unfair business practices, negligence, and violation of privacy. Defendants are accused of unlawfully rerouting all of Plaintiff’s income directly to their own bank accounts, publishing sexually explicit videos and photographs of Plaintiff on the internet against her wishes, and threatening Plaintiff with financial ruin when she attempted to end the business relationship. In addition to asking for both general and punitive damages for Plaintiff, the complaint also seeks a preliminary injunction.

Attorney Robert Tauler, a founding partner of Tauler Smith LLP, is representing Jane Doe in the social media litigation. Tauler believes that Plaintiff may be just one of many young women mistreated by Defendants. Moreover, Tauler said that there are likely other victims who have not yet come forward or contacted a lawyer, either because they are afraid of retaliation by their agencies or because they don’t realize that legal recourse is an option.

Ultimately, Tauler is optimistic that this case will bring to light the talent agencies that use “the same sordid playbook” to exploit aspiring models in the social media age.

The lawsuit was filed at Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles. Jane Doe v. Unruly Agency LLC, 21STCV26060 (L.A. Sup. Court, filed July 16, 2021).

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