In Los Cabos there are 69 hospitalized due to the pandemic


Cabo San Lucas - Today it was announced that the number of people hospitalized in Los Cabos has dropped, however, although there is a very slow decrease, we must not lower our guard and continue with the strict protocols that have been set by the local health authorities.

The above was explained at the Inter-institutional Roundtable to follow up on the pandemic, with the Council of Los Cabos businessmen headed by Mr. Julio Castillo Gomez.

It is reported that on Friday there was a hospital occupancy rate of 22 percent and this Monday it dropped to 19 percent. This means that on Monday there were 98 hospitalized patients and today there are 69, of which 56 in public hospitals and 13 in private ones.

It should be noted that 34 patients are intubated and 32 are seriously ill.

Last Monday there were 98 people hospitalized, today 69, of which 56 in public hospitals and 13 in private facilities.

Julio Castillo Gomez recalled that there are no high rates of hospitalization, but the numbers of April and March, which were between 30 and 40 patients, have not been reached.

Regarding active cases, "we are down to 485, a downward trend, but there is still a great risk due to the population that has not been vaccinated, which includes children under 18 years of age and they are a factor of contagion".

We are down to 485 active cases. It is a slow downward trend, but the people who have not been vaccinated are a great risk.

Finally, the business representative invited the people in general to "continue with the protocols, do not lower our guard, the virus is still there and we must sustain the pertinent care to keep these numbers, or even lower them".


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