LOS CABOS: Reporter reveals that high-powered rifles are being used!

San Jose del Cabo - The real estate boom in this town has led companies to acquire land legally or with ancestral conflicts, as in the case of the "PALMILLITA" property, where the Grupo Aries company plans to build a residential complex to be called "Ciudad Paraíso" (Paradise City).

However, the traditional residents of these properties have been sustaining a boundary conflict for the last four years. It is the Castillo family who, through their lawyers, allege that the company invaded their property known as "Rancho Mamoyas".

This morning, Grupo Aries' lawyer entered the Castillo family's property with private security guards.

The Castillo family requested the assistance of the authorities. Reporter Hermelinda Vargas arrived at the scene, documented and transmitted via Facebook the event. She discovered that the guards of the Grupo Aries company were carrying high-powered rifles for the exclusive use of the Mexican Armed Forces.

This upset Ricardo Ortíz Zamora, lawyer for the real estate company, who assaulted the reporter from the blog Colectivo Pericú and knocked her to the ground after threatening and offending her for filming on what he calls private property.

The truth is that it is a boundary conflict that has not been resolved in Federal Courts, which causes confrontations in the area.

When you purchase a property in Baja, make sure that responsible real estate companies are the ones that make the purchase and sale procedures, to avoid problems.

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