There were heroic rescues yesterday in La Paz!


The torrential rains of the storm Kevin left abundant water in the south of the Baja California peninsula and in addition to Los Cabos, yesterday near La Paz two streams overflowed in which six people almost died.

At five in the afternoon, Paulina Valle, who left her Ford pick up parked very close to the "San Pedro" creek, tried to retrieve it without success when the rising water dragged the vehicle.

Fortunately the woman was rescued by a young man named Nicolas Diego, who with the help of other people managed to pull her to the shore. She was unharmed, with small lacerations on her hands.


Almost simultaneously, help was requested through emergency channels in the community of San Blas, due to the fact that a group of 5 young people who were suddenly swept away by a stream were not found.

Paramedics from the Civil Protection and Fire Department of La Paz went to the site and managed to locate the frightened teenagers, who told them that one of their companions was missing.

Fortunately she was located one kilometer away, also near the stream bed.

It is reported here that they were not seriously injured and the paramedics treated them at the scene of the incident.

Both stories had a happy ending.

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