Third wave at minimum levels in Los Cabos


There are encouraging statistics because the number of infections in the municipality has dropped significantly, however it is time to continue reinforcing security measures to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

This was the result of the coronavirus follow-up meeting held at the Los Cabos Business Council, where its president, Mr. Julio Castillo GOmez, said that reinforcement measures will continue in neighborhoods where contagions have been detected, for the free distribution of masks with volunteer brigades.

It is heartening, he continued, that citizens are now more aware of the work to prevent covid-19, so the third wave has not impacted significantly.

Castillo Gomez announced that there are 152 infected people being treated by the health sector and that there are 31 hospitalized patients, of which 12 are intubated and 15 are very seriously sick.

He recalled that in the most severe stage of this third wave we had up to 240 infections per day. Today the situation has changed and is down to 24. "We have 9 weeks down, we must not be careless, please".

Julio Castillo Gomez, stressed that they want to avoid a rebound, so they continue with the distribution of masks in public places and citizens are invited to be informed.

Source: Colectivo Pericú Los Cabos.

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