LOS CABOS: All sanitary controls are removed from beaches!


This Wednesday, the State Health Safety Committee stipulated that Los Cabos is at level 2 "Yellow" of the Baja California Sur Health Alert System, with 32 active COVID-19 cases.

As a result of the historic decrease of cases, the 192 km of coastline are once again open without fixed hours for the use and enjoyment of local families and tourists, this was announced by the municipal beaches coordinator, Javier Ontiveros Fabian.

It is worth mentioning that the health safety filters that the surveillance personnel implemented since the beginning of the pandemic in the 11 beaches that the Committee allowed to sustain open are also eliminated; however, the monitoring and cleaning works carried out by the elements of said office remain permanent, to sustain the 37 clean beach certificates that place Los Cabos as a leader in Mexico and Latin America.

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