Los Cabos ranks first in safety in Mexico


Cabo San Lucas - The tourism sector is pleased with the data released earlier today by INEGI (Instituto Nacional de Estadistica, Geografia e Informatica) regarding safety in the country's tourist cities, where Los Cabos appears in first place in the perception of its inhabitants.

In this regard, the president of the Business Council of Los Cabos, Mr. Julio Castillo Gomez, commented that this is very encouraging news "not to overlook that for a year and a half Los Cabos has been in the top 5 national places".

But today, he added, "the variable reflects what is happening in Los Cabos, because it is a citizen perception, the result of the work of all security institutions, the coordination between them, society, the private sector, it is a joint effort".

For this reason, Castillo Gomez insisted that "Los Cabos is a safe, organized destination, with the right conditions in terms of security and health".

In his final reflection, the leader mentioned that "as image, investment and as a tourist destination, this encourages us to be better, to continue working in the same direction with the authorities, to follow the safety and health issue, not to let it go in order to continue occupying these places".

In the data released, Los Cabos has the first place and La Paz the second.

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