Luxury Atelier Experience Presents New Option for the Luxury Market in Los Cabos

 This past Thursday, a new concept to attract and serve the luxury market in Los Cabos was announced at a private cocktail party. Alexis Head, renowned businesswoman with great vision and an important trajectory with years of experience in the luxury market, presented this new concept which will be launched under the name of Luxury Atelier Experience. Los Cabos was selected as the ideal tourist destination to launch this new service concept, which will be the first Luxury Atelier Experience in the Americas.

The private cocktail brought together leaders of companies that offer services to the luxury segment in Los Cabos, as well as representatives of the main luxury hotels and officials from the tourism sector, who gathered at the terrace of The Cape and enjoyed a pleasant afternoon where the Luxury Atelier Experience concept was presented. An initiative to offer services and experiences to the luxury segment and reach clients within this segment who are yet to consider Los Cabos as an option for vacationing.

Rodrigo Esponda, general director of the Los Cabos Tourism Board - FITURCA, said that "Luxury Atelier (Experience) arrives just in time to serve the segment with high purchasing power that is choosing Los Cabos more and more frequently", adding that "it is an answer to the trends we are seeing in Los Cabos”.  For his part, Lorenzo Ruíz Martínez, Director of Marketing, Communication and Public Relations at Visit México mentioned that “Alexis Head has created an initiative that covers all the needs of the traveler seeking luxury through experiences that make them feel connected to the place they visit”.  Ruíz Martínez concluded his participation by saying that Visit Mexico decided to support the Luxury Atelier Experience proposal because it has all the ingredients to be a resounding success.

During her participation, Alexis Head thanked the support of both sponsors and the institutions that made the event possible and emphased the support received from the Los Cabos Municipal Directorate of Tourism, under the direction of Donna Jeffries, who played a key role. to make possible the realization of what will be the promotional video of Luxury Atelier Experience, which will show the beauty and services of this tourist destination in a way that  connects consumers with high purchasing power with everything Los Cabos has to offer.

Luxury Atelier Experience becomes a bridge to connect service providers and luxury properties with the discerning traveler with a sophisticated lifestyle who seeks to enjoy life experiences through warm and impeccable service. This service will be available from December of this year in Los Cabos and in January 2022 the official international presentation will take place. 

This initiative also has the support of the Baja California Sur Secretariat of Tourism and FONATUR with whom Luxury Atelier Experience is developing a plan to implement this same concept throughout the state in order to attract the luxury segment to little known exceptional places across Baja California Sur, which discerning traveleres will be able to enjoy thanks to the recommendations and personalized service of the "Moment Advisors" of Luxury Atelier Experience. 

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