Suspect in the crime of young activist arrested


La Paz - Hugo "N," who is suspected of murdering young animal activist Nayeli Guerrero, whose body was discovered motionless last Sunday morning, has been arrested, according to the State Attorney General's Office. 

Friends reported Nayeli missing on Thursday, but her corpse was not discovered until Sunday inside the Bohemia boutique on Manuel Doblado Street in downtown San Jose del Cabo. 

Immediately suspicions revolved around Hugo "N", to whom the victim gave him a job so that he could have an income, since he was dedicated to perform acrobatic acts with machetes in public streets, where he collected money.

Off-the-record information implies that the activist and the suspected murderer had financial problems, which may have prompted him to beat her; however, this will be thoroughly probed.

There were signs of violence on the body. 

Residents of Valle del Vizcaino in the municipality of Mulege, yesterday reported the presence of an individual who matched the suspect characteristics, according to photographs that were released on Facebook by friends of Nayeli Guerrero.

He was trying to pawn some clothes in local businesses, and even the testimony of an liquor store employee offered precise information about the physical characteristics of the fugitive who was on his way to Tijuana.

A Special Group of the Subprocuraduría de Delitos de Alto Impacto (High Impact Crimes  Office) was already closely following his track and this morning secured Hugo "N", since there was an arrest warrant against him.

He was read his rights in full compliance with the procedures and with respect for his human rights.

As part of the investigation work with a gender perspective and once the folder was initiated, officers of the institution collected sufficient evidence at the crime scene to prove the probable relationship of Hugo "N", 37 years old.

Last night in the Plaza Mijares in San Jose del Cabo, a group of friends of the animal rights activist, made a demonstration with candles in honor of her memory and requested justice for what they described as a cruel femicide.

Today the file of the alleged perpetrator will be well integrated to be presented before a control judge in the San Jose del Cabo jail.

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