His family buried him and his pick up truck!

Puerto San Carlos - A very strange event took place in this tourist and fishing port of the Baja's Pacific coast, when one of the most beloved fishermen, Mr. Adan Arana, passed away and his family decided to bury him with his car.

After the holy mass, the tomb had already been prepared with a wide and sufficient space to place the coffin. However, there was also a crane that would deposit in the last resting place of the man of the sea, his half-cabin Chevy Colorado truck.

The catafalque was left in the bed of the pickup.

According to his relatives, Mr. Adan Arana had a decline in his health. The vehicle had just been bought by one of his sons and he did not get enough time to enjoy it. That was the reason why they decided to bury it together with the Chevy pick up.

Although it may be considered an outlandish idea, local residents respected the mourning and the family's decision, so they kept videos and photographs of this unprecedented event in the history of Baja California Sur.

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