JetBlue Airways implements innovative solution from Helix Wireless and futureproofs connectivity


Helix Wireless today announces its partnership with JetBlue Airways to deploy its SmartSIM™ to wirelessly download flight and aircraft information from JetBlue’s new Airbus A220 aircraft. Using the Helix SmartSIM™, a wireless connection will be established to upload aircraft sensor information from the aircraft to JetBlue’s secure infrastructure upon landing.

“JetBlue selected Helix to enable connectivity across various cellular networks both domestically and internationally to provide a seamless connection across JetBlue’s  Network”, said Chuck Cook, Director Communications, Navigation, Surveillance & Technical  programs. With the SmartSIM™, JetBlue can connect to over 700 networks globally in a seamless manner.

“They are an organization that demonstrates great integrity and diligence in everything they do. They bring people together every day and this partnership ties into what our mission is; connecting people all over the globe,” said John Squillace, CEO of Helix Wireless.

The deployment of JetBlue’s Airbus A220 aircraft with the Helix Wireless SmartSIM™ is ongoing.

Many providers are retiring 3G in favor of 4G LTE networks, and the countdown is on, as 2022 deadlines approach. This transition will impact a variety of business operations, connected vehicles, asset tracking, airlines, and more. Helix Wireless has the technology and partnerships that can help such businesses, ensuring a smooth transition into a plan that can be futureproof. 

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