More safety for Canadian residents in Baja California Sur


On behalf of the State Government, the Secretary of Civil Protection, Benjamin Garcia Meza, held a working meeting with the representative of the Canadian Consulate in Baja California Sur, Sara Pilote, with whom he addressed issues of common interest, related to emergency response and prevention, mainly in relation to the rainy season and tropical cyclones, which ends next Tuesday, November 30. 

Garcia Meza, pointed out that the binational cooperation between Baja California Sur and Canada will be strengthened, in order to reinforce the collaboration mechanisms in these and other issues, such as: tourism, security and health, he said. 

"For us, coordination is fundamental, especially in areas such as civil protection, since the joint efforts between the authorities, society and of course, with other nations, allow us to reduce the risks that may arise in different scenarios, where we develop our activities," he mentioned.  

He also indicated that Canada represents one of the countries that see Baja California Sur  not only as a tourist destination, but also as a place to live and invest, which contributes to the economic development of Sudcalifornia. 

On her part, Sara Pilote, reiterated the willingness of the Consulate, to strengthen the ties of collaboration, for the good of the nationals of her country, and to be able to extend this relationship with the Sudcalifornians who are in Canada and require some support.   

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