New truck for Cabo San Lucas firefighters!


The Mayor of Los Cabos was present when a new fire truck was delivered to the city's fire service.

There was a lot of excitement, and Oscar Leggs himself drove the truck through the streets to announce the arrival of more equipment. 

After donating a retired fire engine to a fire department in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, the Put-in-Bay Fire Department is spreading holiday cheer and acts of goodwill.

The Put-in-Bay Fire Department's fire chief, Greg Dobos, expressed gratitude for the department's ability to lend a firetruck to another department in need.

Dobos said the department attempted for a long to sell the defunct truck and even considered reusing it, but it was too costly, so the best choice was to donate it. 

“I then went to the township trustees and they agreed that it would be a great idea to donate the truck— so with the hard work of the township and our fire department we were able to pull the paperwork off and get the truck to this country.”

The Cabo San Lucas fire chief and his team flew in and drove the firetruck all the way to San Diego, where it was loaded onto a flatbed and driven across the border. 

Dobos said it felt good to give back.

"It feels fantastic because you know it's going to be put to good use. It's good to save lives in that country and where it was here it was just sitting out back in our department especially being on thanksgiving to me it could’ve been a dedication to a community on a day it is today and we try to take time to give back to our community and other various organizations as we can".

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