Infections increase in Los Cabos


Cabo San Lucas - It has been confirmed that the number of coronavirus infections in the Los Cabos municipality has shot up, according to the results released at the pandemic analysis meeting at the headquarters of the Council of Businessmen.

According to the president, Mr. Julio Castillo Gomez, "there is a clear increase of infections, the last ten days from three to one. Two weeks ago there were 9 people a day, today there are 33".

These increases, reported the doctors, coincide with this time of Christmas gatherings, "the posadas".

Castillo Gomez said that "this is where the contagions were generated (...) There was a lack of attention to preventive measures and this scenario was already foreseen due to the risk in social gatherings".

Another remarkable fact is that in this wave the rise in cases of coronavirus has not increased hospitalization and death of people. There are currently four hospitalized.

"In previous waves of the pandemic with the same number of infections, there were 40 hospitalized patients, thanks to the fact that there is a high rate of vaccinated people (...) That is why it is important to use a mask everywhere we go, because there are many asymptomatic infections, especially in vaccinated people who did not develop the disease but are carriers of the virus", said Julio Castillo.

He concluded by calling on the owners of stores to adhere to the protocols and not to agglomerate people as has been observed in several stores, "if they have to be sanctioned, they should do it".


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