Jessie James Decker on Her Latest Bikini Photo CABO SAN LUCAS


Jessie James Decker included a disclaimer in the description of a sultry bikini shot she posted to Instagram earlier last week, letting her fans know the photo wasn't meant to be a "thirst trap." 

Instead, the singer/songwriter used the shot to tell a tale about her recent girls' trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and how she and her pals held an unplanned photoshoot to encourage one another. 

“When you see this photo you may see thirst trap, but what I see is 10 women behind it hyping it up in Cabo,” she wrote. “We all took turns taking sexy photos of each other on the beach for fun and it made me smile so much to see all of us girls cheering each other on!”

She went on to describe how, in the images, they encouraged each other to let their guard down by urging each other to venture beyond of their comfort zones. 

“‘Turn your hips this way, turn your neck that way, oh yes girl you look amazing that’s hot!,'” she recalled. “That’s what’s its all about! Women supporting women❤️ missing my Cabo crew today! So much fun and a lot of hot photos of bad ass girls!” 

Decker's post received thousands of likes and drew the attention of a few other country musicians. 


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