Abuses against tourists in Blue Net and AMC hospitals in Cabo San Lucas!


Cabo San Lucas - According to the investigation of journalist Miguel Angel Rubio, there are several private clinics and hospitals in Los Cabos, which have incurred in irregularities not only related to the lousy service, but also the abusive charging to tourists and foreign residents.

They have been detected excessive charges of up to 50 thousand dollars, which has already motivated the intervention of the federal office of revision of prices and consumer services (PROFECO) that fined and suspended the hospitals that concentrated the highest number of complaints, such as Blue Net, AMC and the Hospital de Especialidades.

The way in which they operate to perpetrate the abuse is by charging in advance without having the diagnoses for sure, the over-inflation with the inclusion of services not requested or necessary.

In this sense, PROFECO within the supervision of the operation of private medical units in Los Cabos, decided to apply heavy fines to curb the voracity of these companies that inhumanely take advantage of the need to commit abuses against the families of patients.

In the same way, questions the journalist Miguel Angel Rubio, what are PROFECO and the Local Bureau of Health doing to regulate and monitor private clinics on a permanent basis?

In April 2016, the same that federal office fined and suspended One World and Saint Josephs hospitals. The reasons have been the same: failure to observe the Mexican Official Standard NOM 071 SCFI - 2008.

In August 2017, due to a direct complaint from tourists, the federal agency also applied suspensions to Blue Net Hospital, which is located on the Cabo San Lucas - San José del Cabo corridor (Cabo Bello).

There is no doubt that there will be more supervisions by the local health authorities and, of course, other surprise visits by the PROFECO inspectors, due to recurring complaints.

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